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  • Click here to see a video clip of “Barbie at the Seder!”

    Happy Passover from Modern Jewish Mom! In this Passover special, host Meredith Jacobs shares tips and insights for Modern Jewish Moms looking to make one of the more challenging holidays meaningful and exciting for the whole family.

    Rosa Mexicano, a hip restaurant chain found in New York and other major cities across the country, has added Mexican spices to traditional Jewish foods to offer an exciting Passover menu. Modern Jewish Mom goes into their kitchen to learn how they prepare Mexican Matzah Ball Soup and Tropical Haroset! Click here for the soup recipe so you can make your own Mexican Seder this year.

    Next, there’s more to kosher wine than Manischewitz! Wine expert Tyler Colman of shares his insights on the development of kosher wine in recent years and suggests some excellent wines to fill your four glasses this Passover, from a dry white that melds with matzah ball soup to an Israeli wine that brings out the best in brisket.

    The Haggadah is a key aspect of the Seder. But with so many to choose from, which one is right for you? Haggadah expert Danny Levine, of J. Levine Books & Judaica, offers Modern Jewish Moms a run down of time tested favorites and exciting new releases, highlighting, among others, artist David Moss’s hagaddah, which follows in the tradition of an illuminated manuscript, and cartoonist Richard Codor’s Joyous Hagaddah, which is new this year.

    Matzah is a Passover must-have, but it’s also a great way to get kids involved in the holiday. We follow an adorable class of little girls as they learn how to make matzah with the help of a Chabad-run Model Matzah Bakery.

    Do you want to try something new this holiday? Lose the apples and make a more exotic haroset recipe with dates! Poopa Dweck, the author of the Jewish Syrian cookbook Aromas of Aleppo, shows Modern Jewish Mom how to prepare this ancient haroset recipe, which she learned from her mother.

    Not just a Passover center piece, a Seder plate can be a work of art. Judaica artist Gary Rosenthal shows off his unique, elongated seder plates, and at The Jewish Museum’s Celebrations shop, Modern Jewish Mom surveys an assortment of creative, elegant, and beautiful Seder plates that draw inspiration from unique places (from the Louvre Museum to the moon).

    But you can spice things up with more than just a Seder plate. How about a Barbie doll centerpiece? Sara Schwimmer of invited us into her childhood home, where her mother turns musical instruments and toys into Passover decorations. Learn how Modern Jewish Moms can use pop culture it to engage their children in the Passover story and make the holiday fun.

    Finally, we share our favorite Passover toys! While 10 Plagues Bowling Pins make the plagues fun instead of scary, Passover Slides and Ladders puts a Jewish twist on a classic board game. But for something that’s sure to please the whole family, The Box Girls (a company started by two Modern Jewish Moms, in California) has a Passover Box of Questions that pulls everyone into meaningful and fun Seder table conversation.

    Click here for Modern Jewish Mom Chanukah!

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