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    What is The Jewish Channel?
    TJC is the first channel with award-winning films and compelling original content that speaks to your personal Jewish experience. Every month, our variety of quality programming ensures you’ll have something you’ll want to watch, whenever you turn on the television.

    Who is TJC for?
    You. Whatever your level of affiliation or Jewish philosophy, TJC has content made by Jews just like you, for Jews just like you.

    How much does it cost?
    For less than the price of a single movie ticket, you get entire film festivals’ worth of great movies that you just won’t find at your local megaplex. Just $7.99 for monthly access to dozens of quality movies and documentaries you won’t see anywhere else, as part of your regular cable bill.

    Do I have to pay per program?
    No. When you subscribe to TJC, you pay one low monthly fee to have access to our entire lineup of programming. Watch as many shows as you want, as many times as you want. There will never be an extra charge.

    What does TJC have to offer that my other television channels don’t?
    TJC presents hours of quality Jewish programming that you can’t find anywhere else. Our original programming gives you premier access to Jewish news and culture.
    Check out [our programming] to see more about what we’ve got to offer.

    Is TJC available in my area?
    TJC is available throughout the United States. Currently, we are distributed on Channel 291 of Cablevision’s iO Digital Cable.

    How do I subscribe?
    Click here for our subscription form.

    Is TJC associated with any Jewish organizations or religious groups?
    No. We are completely independent and have no affiliations with any particular organizations, denominations, or political parties. TJC’s fierce commitment to independence means you’ll never have to wonder if the message you’re getting is anything but objective.

    What is On Demand?
    Video on Demand (VOD) empowers you to watch what you want, when you want. You don’t need to record a program, or watch it at any specific time. All of our programming is available to you 24/7, at the press of a button.
    TJC On Demand provides you instant access to our extensive, ever-expanding library of award-winning films and compelling original content. You simply select the show you want to watch with a single click of your remote, and watch it just like you would a DVD or video tape. Pause, rewind, fast forward, play it again: You’re in control.

    Is TJC associated with other Jewish TV networks?
    No. We are the only Jewish television broadcast available nationwide.

    © 2007-2017 The Jewish Channel. All rights reserved.
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