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  • Divan: Pearl Gluck's FilmDivan. To reclaim an ancestral couch upon which esteemed rabbis slept, Pearl Gluck travels from her Hasidic community in Brooklyn to her roots in Hungary. Along the way, a colorful cast of characters gets involved – the couch exporter, her ex-communist cousin in Budapest, a pair of matchmakers, and a renegade group of formerly ultra-Orthodox Jews.

    History’s Ultimate Nomads – Portugal. This visual journey through Jewish Portugal recollects their heritage of first being Jews and later as New Christians. Though the present Jewish community of Portugal is one of the smallest in the world, many Portuguese veins runs with Jewish blood.

    SpainHistory’s Ultimate Nomads – Spain. For 1500 years, Jews on the Iberian Peninsula played a significant role in the flourishing civilizations created by Muslims and Christians alike, becoming the largest and most distinguished Jewish community in Europe. But in 1492, they were expelled. This visual journey through Jewish Spain recollects the drama that took place 500 years ago through the eyes of present day Spain–its sights, sounds and people.

    Kafka’s Last Story. While the world may be eternally grateful to Max Brod for preserving some of the greatest works of 20th century literature, and transforming Franz Kafka into a global, cultural icon, Kafka himself may be turning in his grave. However, nearly a century after Kafka’s untimely death, the fate of his invaluable manuscripts is at the heart of a heated debate involving millions of dollars and political wrangling between Israel and Germany.

    The Forgotten Refugees. Tens of thousands of Jews once lived in Libya. Now, there are none left. The film tells the astonishing, but neglected story of Jews forced to flee their Middle Eastern homes when their governments made being Jewish a criminal offense, and neighbors threatened their lives.

    The Story of Chaim Rumkowski. One of the most controversial figures in Jewish history, Rumkowski told the Jews of the Lodz ghetto that work would set them free, yet he ultimately handed over almost the entire population into Nazi hands. Shocking old photographs and the only surviving footage of the ghetto illustrate a story that asks how much people should be willing to compromise in order to survive.

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    Divan: Pearl Gluck's FilmDivan. To reclaim an ancestral couch upon which esteemed rabbis slept, Pearl Gluck travels from her Hasidic community...

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