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  • Happy Chanukah from the Modern Jewish Mom! In this Chanukah special, host Meredith Jacobs brings you the latest, greatest treats and toys for the Festival of Lights.

    Want to make your Chanukah table festively fabulous? From elegantly understated dinnerware, to sparkling table ornaments, learn how to throw a dash of beauty and fun into your nightly mealtime gatherings, with help from Crate & Barrel’s design experts.

    And what goes better on a holiday table than some luscious latkes? Even if you don’t have time to make your own! Our intrepid Modern Jewish Mom seeks out the yummiest fresh-to-taste options. So, whether you prefer the kid-friendly dinosaur shapes of Dr. Praeger’s, or the classic delights of Ratner’s, there’s a latke for absolutely everyone’s taste – including her pick of the season, Linda’s Gourmet Latkes.

    And when the meal is done, get ready for that most tempting of Chanukah staples: the jelly doughnut. This holiday season, one avant-garde confectioner is putting his own unique stamp on the tasty tradition. We visited Mark Isreal’s lower east side Doughnut Plant, and got a behind-the-scenes look at what goes into making his mouth-watering square jelly desserts.

    Want to know the toys that are making every kid’s wish list this holiday season? We go to New York’s center for all things fun under the sun – Toys R’ Us in Time Square – and a consultation with toy expert Bob Friedland on innovative gifts for kids of all ages. Or, browse the aisles at Barnes & Noble for a wealth of classic Chanukah literature perfect for the whole family.

    But while receiving presents is fun, the Modern Jewish Mom also has tips for helping children enjoy the more traditional aspects of the holiday. And what better way to learn about the miracle of Chanukah then by making your very own menorah? We visit the nursery school at Manhattan’s JCC, where Jewish youngsters are doing just that. Meredith also has fun, educational menorah ideas which you can purchase at Judaica and department stores alike.

    Still, no matter what type of Menorah lights up your home this holiday season, there’s always the possibility of equipment hassles and malfunctions. Enter the inventive minds over at Ner Mitzvah, and their variety of gadgets aimed at preventing Chanukah disaster. From sticky wax for your candle holders, to easy-to-use oil lamps, to Menorah shields that protect flammable ornaments – get the lowdown on staving off the holiday mess.

    After all that hard work, nobody is more deserving of a reward this Chanukah than the modern Jewish mom in your family. Saks Fifth Avenue gave Meredith a peak at some of the best gifts for women this holiday season. Hint – It’s all about the shoes, and diamonds!

    Then Meredith takes a look at some kitschier Chanukah gear, from Davida Aprons, where they have fun, holiday-themed aprons, oven mitts, and even a latke holder, to keep your latkes warm! As Davida herself says, “There’s nothing you can’t make kosher and make it fun!”

    Finally, what would Chanukah be without playing dreidel, but there’s a whole new way to play dreidel this year! It’s called “No Limit Texas Dreidel” and it’s for adults as much as it is for kids. Inventor Jennie Rivlin Roberts tells Meredith how she came up with this exciting new twist on the dreidel.

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