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    Introducing the Forward Forum…

    Join the award-winning journalists of the Forward for an entertaining, in-depth look at the pressing issues in the Jewish community. The national Jewish newspaper’s leading writers and editors offer their insights and inside information on today’s biggest stories.

    Moderated by Associate Editor Gabriel Sanders and featuring News Editor Nathaniel Popper, Arts & Culture Editor Alana Newhouse, Editor Wayne Hoffman, Web Editor Daniel Treiman, and Staff Writers Jennifer Siegel and Anthony Weiss.

    This month’s edition

    mccainhagee Controversial clergy and the Jewish community: Will controversial preachers continue to haunt the presidential election, and how have they affected the Jewish vote?
    jstreetaipac J Street’s Challenge to AIPAC: Is Washington big enough for two pro-Israel lobbies?
    hebrewcharterschool Publicly Funded Hebrew School: Do plans for a new Hebrew charter school in Brooklyn violate the separation of Church and State?
    kosherscandal Kosher controversy: Is the kosher supervision industry in need of ethical reform?
    jewishsummercamp Jewish Summer Camp: What has made Jewish summer camps so successful?

    Last month’s edition

    Special guest JTA Managing Editor Ami Eden joins the Forward staff for some heated discussion on:

    israelflagimage Israel at 60: Does Israel play as important a role in American Jews’ lives as it once did?
    hilaryandobamaimage The influence of Jewish Superdelegates: Can Jews swing the Democratic primary?
    mlkwithtorahimage Black-Jewish relations: How have they changed since the civil rights movement of the 60s — and since the Crown Heights riots of the 90s?
    israelfilmfestimage The impact of Israeli culture on Americans: Is Israeli film and literature in vogue and what effect does that have on the country’s image overall?
    jewishmuseumimage Our Museum Problem: Is the prevalence of Jewish museums hurting the future of the American Jewish community?

    Previous Episodes

    Forward Forum 02
    * What’s Joe Lieberman doing with Republicans?
    * How do Jews feel about Barack Obama?
    * Can homosexuality and Orthodoxy ever be reconciled?
    * Plus Soviet Jewry today and the Yiddish revival.

    forwardpagethumbnail.jpg Forward Forum 01
    * Where do GOP candidates stand on matters of faith?
    * What are the controversies swirling around Chabad?
    * How is the changing face of intermarriage affecting Jewish continuity?
    * Plus the “Eco-Kosher” movement and a nostalgic Forward book tour across Jewish America!
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