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    Get the inside scoop on TJC’s award-winning features and documentaries. Forward Arts and Culture Editor Alana Newhouse is your guide, offering incisive interviews with writers, directors and cultural critics.

    This month’s edition

    Jews and Buddhism: How did Jews become the largest non-Asian Buddhist constituency? Dr. Alan Brill, author of the upcoming Judaism and Other Religions sheds light on this phenomenon and the film Jews and Buddhism.
    Funny, He Doesn’t Look Like a Christopher: Get to know Orthodox-convert-comedian Yisrael Campbell of the film Circumcise Me in a visit to his drama school alma mater, where he tells us which famous comedian thinks he’s hilarious.
    Chaim Yavin and Israeli Media: Ha’aretz newspaper’s Chief U.S. Correspondent Shmuel Rosner explains how Israel’s most recognizable anchorman, Chaim Yavin, changed the course of his career and the face of the Israeli media landscape by making the controversial documentary series The Land of the Settlers.

    Last month’s edition

    Louis B. Mayer and Jews in Hollywood: What kind of legacy did Jewish MGM mogul Louis B. Mayer leave for today’s Jewish celebrities? Stars of David author Abigail Pogrebin has the scoop.
    Divine Food: A taste of New York delis and the film Divine Food: 100 Years in the Kosher Delicatessen Trade.
    Sephardic v. Ashkenic Jews: What’s so different about Sephardic Jews anyway? The Spanish and Portuguese Synagogue’s Rabbi Marc D. Angel explains with the help of Trees Cry For Rain.

    Previous Episodes

    TJC Movie Talk 03
    *Isaac Bashevis Singer’s oeuvre explored with novelist Dara Horn.
    *A reggae-full field trip with Awake Zion director Monica Haim.
    *The films of Oscar-nominated director Joseph Cedar, including Time of Favor.
    TJC Movie Talk 02
    *New York magazine’s David Edelstein on interfaith romantic comedies.
    *Three provocative films explore immigration issues in Israel.
    woodyallenthumb.jpg TJC Movie Talk 01
    *Woody Allen’s biographer tells all about Zelig.
    *How Jewish Labor fought to save Jews during WW2, the scoop on They Were Not Silent.

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