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    The Jewish Channel presents dozens of movies and documentaries every month, as well as innovative original programming focusing on news, children, and home. Here’s a sample of what you’ll find on TJC:

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    A sneak peek at our lineup of award-winning feature films. Gingrich: Palestinians “an invented people.”This clip from TJC’s exclusive interview with GOP Presidential Primary Candidate Newt Gingrich made international news and was featured on every major network and cable news channel.

    The Week in Review. The week’s top stories from the Jewish world, featuring news analysis, original reporting, interviews with newsmakers, arts & culture and more. The Salon. The first ever Jewish women’s TV show. Hosted by Forward editor Jane Eisner, with media journalist Rachel Sklar, each episode of The Salon features prominent Jewish women from across the spectrum, discussing the issues that matter to you.

    Srugim. The most talked about series in Israel is now on TJC. This promo gives a primer on Season 1, and you can now also see Season 2 of Srugim on TJC! Holy Dazed: Passover. A fun and light-hearted take on the Jewish holidays, with celebrities, comedians and writers sharing their Jewish holiday experiences, insights, and quips.

    Rabbis Roundtable, Episode 07. Is Israel alone in the world? Rabbis of different denominations debate this and other hot-button issues, including children’s safety in the community, Obama’s policies on Israel, and more! With The Editors 05. Editors of leading Jewish publications share their expert insight and inside information on today’s top news stories!
    Click here for a list of Feature Films currently playing.

    Time of Favor. Winner of five Israeli Academy Awards, Oscar-nominated director Joseph Cedar’s first feature film, which the New York Times calls an “art house thriller.” Amen. Truth-based thriller from Oscar-winning director Costa-Gavras, weaves a riveting tale of moral and religious conflict. The story of an SS officer who fought to stop Hitler’s genocide.

    Caravan 841. Young Ethiopian immigrant Moshe wants something stable to believe in. With the help of a rabbi who tells him to trust in God, and a jazz musician who tells him to trust in himself, Moshe struggles as an outsider in Israel, learning to hope. Katzhen. “Israeli Oliver Twist” shares the beautiful but sad story of a young orphan who decides to take control of his own destiny. Traveling across Israel in search of love and stability, Katzhen finds it in unexpected places.

    Click here for a list of films currently playing in the Israel category.

    Film Fanatic. “Hasidic Steven Spielberg” is torn between his passion for filmmaking and his community that frowns upon it. One man’s struggle to make a great film that his fellow ultra-Orthodox Jews will consider kosher. Lullaby. Over 150 Israeli and Palestinian children have been killed since the start of the Second Intifada in 2000 — each child’s death tore a mother’s world apart. The heartbreaking story of those grieving mothers in their own words.
    Click here for a list of films currently playing in the America category.

    Awake Zion. Rastas have dreadlocks, Jews have side-curls. This documentary, which The Village Voice called “humorous, sometimes mind-blowing,” takes a deeper look into this connection. They Came For Good. PBS documentary examines the personalities who shaped the Jewish-American experience from the first Sephardic settlers in the 1600s to the rise of mid-19th century mega-merchants like Levi Straus.
    Click here for a list of films currently playing in the World Jewry category.


    La Ghriba. Engaging look at the “miraculous,” 2,500-year-old Jewish community on the Tunisian island of Jerba – an isolated island where Jewish identity is forged by a shared sense of equality, rather than one of persecution. Confrontation At Concordia. No one expected anti-Israel riots to erupt on campus when a Jewish student group invited Benjamin Netanyahu to speak at Montreal’s Concordia University. A disturbing look at just how far anti-Zinonist sentiment on college campuses can go…

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